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Welcome to Alibaugbikes.com. Alibaug is one of the closest get-away for Mumbaikars, to spend quality time with their loved ones. It is a place well known for its beautiful beaches, historical forts, thrilling watersports, and cozy places to stay in Alibaug. Besides, it has been also known for its competitive cycling community. Alibaug Bikes is at the forefront of revolutionizing the cycling community in Alibaug through bicycle rentals and tours. We are pioneer of rentals and tour services in Alibaug. Our motto is to provide our customers with best bicycles and create some of the beautiful memories during their stay in Alibaug.

We believe that cycling is the only mode of transport, which keeps you connected with your beautiful surroundings while commuting at a decent pace. The entire stretch of roads in Alibaug has huge leafy trees along side, which provides the soothing shade resulting in a cool and comfortable cycling experience.  Peaceful vicinity and traffic free roads will let you immerse in sound of your cycle’s clinking chain, chirping of birds, and your thoughts saying “I’m so loving it”.